We warmly invite you to participate in our meditation instruction in English that will take place in our new beautiful space ul. Krasnowolska 3a.


We will show you how to practice meditation in Japanese zen style and will try to answer your questions about practice or our organization. Afterwards, we will sit one round of zazen. We request donations to support our center. If you CANNOT make the October date, we invite you to join us on 6th November at 6:30 pm. Seated meditation is the foundation of Zen Buddhist practice. There are many reasons why a person might be open to this spiritual path. New students often arrive at a meditation center for the first time with a specific concern in mind. They would like to be less distracted, more mindful, less depressed, or more prepared for death. But the reason to sit is much deeper than anything what we could ever imagine. The depth and value of it are very difficult to express in words. However, the profound words of teachers like Kwong-roshi can instill inspiration to seek this path of silent illumination. “You sit on your black cushion, your mind and body rhythms become slower and slower, quieter and quieter. You begin to be aware of the inherent harmony of all things. Everything is simple and direct, and everything feels much more spacious within our lives.” Please register if you are interested: malgorzata.sieradzka@gmail.com More info about who we are: www.kannon.pl or www.smzc.org